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MONDAY, 08/17

Emerging Tech and Mobility




Ryan Estis

Ryan Estis is a sales and leadership expert preparing companies and individual contributors to embrace change and achieve breakthrough performance. Ryan has 20 years of business experience working with the world’s best brands to initiate change, inspire innovation and deliver growth.
11:10-11:40 AM Main Stage


Speaker: Todd Zeiler

Todd is the new Assistant Vice President of Network Services. His team owns Global Network Architecture, Implementation, Inter-Carrier Usage Mediation/Delivery, and Network Operations for wholesale, domestic, & international roaming as well as network sharing services. His team’s mission statement is to “paint the world AT&T blue” with a seamless mobility experience.
11:45 AM-12:10 PM Main Stage 


Case Study:

IoT and Mobility Partner Wins

Hear from TBI vendors and selling partners highlight deals that focus on IoT, sensors, data and analysis that make for innovative and better business.
12:15-12:55 PM Breakout Room A

Avoiding Mobile Mayhem

Mobility Management Solutions

With the shifting dynamic in remote work, wireless devices, mobile usage and security risks are just some of what businesses are trying to manage. On this panel, we explore vendors who help companies automate device management, provide real-time visibility into device status, location, help reduce downtime, protect data and ensure compliance. We’ll review company use cases highlighting time saved, greater efficiencies, improved customer service and workplace productivity.
1:00-1:30 PM Breakout Room A

Switching it Up

Mobility for Alternate Networks

What’s the business application for non-hardwired internet connectivity? We’re taking a look at alternate connectivity options from satellite, to wireless, 4G and point-to-point. Let’s explore use cases and how companies utilize alternatives to more “traditional” connections.
12:15-12:55 PM Breakout Room B


Tapping into the 5G Monetization Opportunity

As 5G continues to evolve and grow, so do customer needs. Learn how to monetize 5G and enable your customers.
1:00-1:30 PM Breakout Room B


TUESDAY, 08/18




Hold My Beer While I Hack this Smartphone

Watch as a white hat hacker penetrates the most ubiquitous of business devices, a smartphone.
12:50-1:15 PM Main Stage 

Back to the Future

Back to Work Preparedness

What do your customers need to consider when establishing return to work or permanent work from home plans? From facilities, thermal imaging, social distancing requirements and compliance, IT transformations including cloud readiness and collaboration, we’re looking at vendors who solve for our new normal in IoT, security, and contact center solutions.
11:35 AM-12:05 PM Breakout Room A

Small Business, Big Risk

SMB Security Strategies

The virtual workplace increases security concerns for many businesses, but particularly concerning for small business owners. Often, while not the intended target, small businesses are susceptible to opportunistic attacks. We’ll investigate low cost options that all SMB customers should consider in preparation for and mitigation of inevitable threat actors.
12:10-12:45 PM Breakout Room A

The MSP Cybersecurity Opportunity

Our new virtual workplace and collaboration landscape leaves every business vulnerable. From unsecured internet connections and endpoints to network access and unprotected data, work during the COVID-19 pandemic has forced businesses to take a hard look at security gaps, potential vulnerabilities and what/if scenarios. There is no better time for MSPs to consult and advise on the many security solutions out there, vendor selections along with employee training, establishing security plans, penetration testing and vulnerability scans, DaaS, Backup, Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity along with management.
12:10-12:45 PM Breakout Room B

The Cybersecurity Opportunity


Join Verizon cybersecurity experts to learn about their proven leadership in security, where the opportunity is for TBI partners and how to win above the network
11:05-11:30 AM Main Stage







Jay McBain

Reengineering business during COVID

Jay McBain will discuss where the market is headed, how money is being made right now the new buyer. Jay will cover cloud acceleration, security, specialization, and the move to subscription modeling (a great thing for agents). Attendees will leave with skills and actionable items to do today to gear themselves up for conversations tomorrow.
11:05-11:35 AM Main Stage

Thriving in a Multi-Cloud World

The reality is that most businesses have multi-cloud deployments regardless of a set multi-cloud strategy in place. In this session, we look at business cases for multi-cloud strategies. But also, how to address workloads running across multiple cloud services to ensure visibility and control. There are tools and managed services that help with forwarding a business’ cloud objectives with machine learning, analytics, automation, SLAs and personnel to help with deployment assisting IT and cloud ops teams manage environments and cloud-native application usage and spend.
11:40 AM-12:20 PM Breakout Room A


Reimagine Your Applications

It’s all about APIs and Integrations! Within ecommerce, technologies that pair with a company’s CRM and Shopify integrations is crucial, within finance and banking, it’s about ServiceNow integrations. API extensions and software integrations are what make the impossible, possible. For most businesses, in multi-cloud environments, applications that seamlessly work and can be customized, help with innovation and an improved customer experience. At the end of the day, it’s what all businesses want as they continue with cloud adoption.
11:40 AM-12:20 PM Breakout Room B

You Can DaaS if You Want To

In the virtualized work environment, we all find ourselves, employers are consistently evaluating technology options to keep employees safe and minimize remote work risks. The panel which combines DaaS vendors and TBI’s solution architects explore top applications customers use DaaS for.
1:10-1:40 PM Main Stage


#Winning with Managed Hypervisor

A Look at Azure

Leading use case coverage on cloud deals large and small, with a look at Azure.
1:10-1:40 PM Breakout Room A

Adapting Infrastructure for Increased Demand

Businesses with workloads in the public cloud needing the ability to access and serve up data from other cloud systems like ERP, HR software, CRM face internal IT nightmares for network routing and performance issues with legacy infrastructure. There is a better way to consume cloud, and a better way to design the network for a cloud-first strategy. In this session we explore IaaS, data center and DR, SD-WAN and other means to get systems off-premise with better access for greater cloud consumption.
1:10-1:40 PM Breakout Room B

CenturyLink Keynote

See More. Stop More. Make More with CenturyLink Cloud Security.

Today, the demand for CenturyLink’s portfolio and connected security is greater than ever, bringing a tremendous opportunity for partners to use these solutions, like DDoS Mitigation Services, to open larger opportunities
12:25-1:05 PM Main Stage



Cloud Communications and Collaborations


Contact Center is My Jam

The initial wave of CCaaS solutions brought to light benefits that a call center operation had never seen before, such as the ability to reduce IT headcount, lower maintenance costs, detailed reporting on people and progress, and the capacity to allow work-from-home opportunities, rather than requiring physical presence in a call center. This panel will discuss what’s new in CCaaS as it relates to integrations, automation with AI and NLP cool new things with reporting and workforce optimization.
11:40 AM-12:10 PM Breakout Room B

Hello, Microsoft Teams.

A look at Teams Integrations.

Seamless transitions from meetings to calls, a primary benefit to Microsoft Teams integrations. At the start of COVID-19 Microsoft experienced 12 Million new users on Teams with the shift of remote work. There are 75 Million active daily Teams users. Hear from panelists as they discuss direct routing, voice into teams and the extra benefits you get when utilizing teams through a vendor like SLAs from voice providers, better uptime, cheaper metaswitch pricing, better integration with other apps, one point of presence along with many others like efax, call center functionality, detailed analytics and paging to name a few.
12:15-12:55 PM Breakout Room A

Are we capturing that?

A look at Salesforce integrations.

With over 150,000 companies use Salesforce. 99 of the Fortune 100 use it to actively scale their businesses. The most prolific and top priority for most businesses is to improve customer experience. Data helps do that. Within the UC space, many providers tout their Salesforce integrations highlighting automated call logging, caller info before pick up, mobile access and of course, detailed insights and analytics. Let’s hear what’s new and how customers are utilizing the integration.
1:00-1:30 PM Breakout Room A


with Webcasts: The Virtual Gold Rush of 2020

Join PGI’s VP of Channel, Diane Ratigan, as she takes you through the evolution of transitioning from live events to fully virtual trade shows. TBI will join Diane to take a live Q&A and talk about their decision to take the Big Event virtual and the factors that played into this decision. Don’t be left behind. Join PGI and TBI to be part of the “virtual event gold-rush” that will continue to be the new event-trend beyond 2020.
1:00-1:30 PM Breakout Room B

Move Up Market with Nextiva

Cathryn Valladares, Nextiva’s Vice President of Enterprise Solutions, and a key Nextiva TBI subagent discuss how to properly partner to drive and ultimately close up-market opportunities.
11:40 AM-12:10 PM Breakout Room A

8x8 Keynote

Transition to the New Digital Workplace

8x8 CTO, Bryan Martin focuses on three stages: Reactionary - immediate action for business continuity; Adaptive - learning and understanding business challenges, and Revolutionary - new ways of doing things
11:05-11:35 AM Main Stage


UCaaS, CCaaS, Consumerization and the Customer Experience

Tech Gurus lead use cases covering retail deals large and small.

12:15-12:55 PM Main Stage.

CPaaS: Powering the New Customer Experience

Take an in-depth look at IntelePeer's CPaaS solution - omni-channel communications integrated seamlessly into your customer experience and business workflows for a complete business communications solution

12:15-12:55 PM Breakout Room B


FRIDAY, 08/21

NextGen Networking

The Convergence of Network and Security

How do we connect securely to the remote office? In COVID times, securely connecting the remote workforce to the company’s SaaS, cloud and data center apps is high priority for most. From NGFW, access through VPN or not, software defined perimeters, multifactor authentication, attack and assessment services along with many others, we’ll hear what companies are doing to protect the business and its employees.
11:40 AM-12:10 PM Breakout Room A

To Colo or Not to Colo:

Advice and Suggestions on Connecting to Data Centers

When choosing to colocate IT frastructure to third-party providers, there are multiple considerations on access and security. We’ll cover ISP connectivity options, redundancy, security threats, edge compute, cross-connects and direct connections like Azure’s ExpressRoute.
11:40 AM-12:10 PM Breakout Room B



TBI’s Tech Gurus lead a partner/ end-user panel sharing use cases on SD-WAN deals large and small and successful SDWAN architectures.
12:15-12:40 PM Breakout Room A

Comcast Keynote


Comcast Business SD-WAN Guru, Josh Hendrickson, will be quizzing TBI’s Senior Director of Sales, Marco Sanchez, about SD-WAN while eating increasingly hotter wings with each question.
11:05-11:35 AM Main Stage