8:00AM - 9:00AM - Check-in and Breakfast

9:00AM - 5:00PM - BIG Event Programming

5:00PM - 7:00PM - Happy Hour


Keynote and Supplier Sessions

Closing the Gap Between Sales & Procurement:
Understanding the business ecosystem of the decision 
Keynote presented by Ace Hardware's Sr. Manager Corporate Indirect Procurement 


TBI Partners Paving Their Way to Success
Panel Moderated by CompTIA

5G Opportunities in the Channel
Keynote presented by Verizon's Robert Shidla

What’s New in the Comcast Channel Program and
How a TBI Partner Grew 400% with Comcast in 2018
Keynote presented by Comcast's Craig Schlagbaum and Cary Tengler

Commentary from the Field: TBI Channel Managers share partner
wins, losses, and areas of opportunity

No Wires Attached. Wireless Wins told by TBI Partners

Connected Everything Era: Introducing IoT to the Channel
Keynote presented by AT&T's Zee Hussain

The Future of Voice Collaboration
Keynote presented by 8x8's John DeLozier

Transforming Digital Business with CenturyLink
Keynote presented by CenturyLink's Gaurav Chand


TBI Workshops


Trust: The New Metrics in Sales - Insight into the Most Crucial Measure of the Buyer Relationship
Presented by TBI's Marco Sanchez


Email Marketing is Not Dead: How to Attract, Convert and Retain Customers through Email Marketing
Presented by TBI's Rachel Bruce and Emily Ball


Let’s Get Technical: Whiteboard Sessions with TBI Engineers
Presented by TBI's Joe Fizor 


Every ‘Like’ Counts: Social Media Selling and Best Practices
Presented by TBI's Amanda Roszkowski


Net-SWEET: Putting Our CRM To Work for You
Presented by TBI's Eric Hills


The BIG Engine Behind TBI: A Look Behind the Scenes with TBI Operations
Presented by TBI


Uncovering New Opportunities: Low Hanging Fruit Strategies
Presented by TBI's Ash Kakish